Personalized drinking glasses & bottles

Order personalized glasses and bottles from Tresenheld

How did you actually become a bar hero? By ordering and drinking as much as possible in the bar? Not a good idea. For us at, it's more about drinking in style, the quantity doesn't matter. Whether sparkling wine or red wine, white wine or gin: poured from a personalized bottle, every glass of wine, every gin cocktail or long drink becomes a drink that is just as stylistically perfect as it is perfectly formed. But it doesn't have to stay that way. Because whether for on the go or at home: our glass bottles Emilia are also very practical and stylish, which you can order from us with a very personal engraving. With an image to upload and an individual text in different fonts and colors you can make the bottle unique and unique.

Personalized glasses and bottles with an individual engraving

The procedure is simple, after clicking on the "Create now" button, follow the instructions and upload a locally saved photo. All of the following steps are self-explanatory. Stylish drinking at the bar at home, of course, glasses with engraving are just right for that. Order your very personal champagne glass, beer glass, handle glass, whiskey glass, wine glass, ginger glass or shot glass from Tresenheld with the engraving you have designed! The procedure is just as simple as with the Emilia glass bottle. All glasses are dishwasher safe and of the highest elegance and quality. The copper mug designed for the Moscow Mule cocktail (vodka, ginger beer, lime juice, cucumber slices and ice cubes) is also particularly chic. You can also give it an extremely individual touch with a picture and a personal engraving.