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Did you know that Swiss gin is considered a particularly fine spirit? No wonder, really, since all the ingredients find the best conditions in our unique nature. Gin from Switzerland is of incomparable elegance and pure nature, equipped with a clear edge, obtained from the best raw materials and, above all, with a unique taste. Our gin consists only of these ingredients: lavender, lemongrass, coriander, ginger, cubeb pepper - and of course the main ingredient juniper and water. It is dry gin with an alcohol content of 40%. But not only the content is something very special - you can also turn the bottle into an extraordinary bottle of gin with us!

A very personal bottle of gin

And it's really easy. Whether as a gift or for yourself, you are spoiled for choice between direct printing, engraving or a special label. For labels and direct printing, you can upload images and text and add a personal style to each one. When it comes to engraving, our designers refine your personal image and your text. You can also work with filters and reflections when designing online. Incidentally, you can also determine the fonts and colors yourself, for all three designs.