Personalized white wine

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Personalized white wine - this is how it works

Whether for yourself or as a gift: white wine that can be individually designed is a great idea. Your guests will be amazed, and if you hand out the wine as a gift, it makes a great impression. But how does the personalized white wine thing work? This isn't rocket science. You can choose from three different styles - engraving, direct print or label - and customize the bottle with a picture and text. It's easy. To give the wine an individual label, click the corresponding button and then upload a picture from your smartphone or computer. You can edit this image in detail using our tools and filters. Finally, enter your personal text and move the image and text field to the desired position on the bottle.

Personalized white wine with label, direct print or engraving

To arrange white wine in an original way by direct printing, click on the button provided. Then follow the same procedure as for the label: find a nice image, upload it and edit it with the numerous filters and tools that we put at your disposal. Then enter your individual text - and that's it. If you choose to engrave, when you upload the photo you will see that we convert it directly into an image that can easily be engraved on glass. You can experiment with the filters until you get the result you want. You can then also add a personal text here and release the whole thing for engraving. Have fun with your personalized white wine - and santé!